Trapdoor Social

That's cool someone responds to the questions wow thanks haha! I'm under 21 so that's another challenge to coming to a show but I'm on the mailing list so ill keep a look out :) have you heard of the venue "amplyfi"? It's on melrose like by paramount studios its this cool little 80 people capacity and it's all ages. Their website has booking info and I've seen a couple cool small bands there so yeah just wanted to say in case you guys would interested in something like that. I love the EP, good luck with this weeks shows! Best, Ari

Trapdoor Social responded on 08/01/2013

Ari, you're the man. We'll definitely try to play something all-ages in LA. It's funny, our guitar player is 20, so even HE has trouble getting into some of our shows... Keep listening, dude! More good shit to come. Make sure to be on the email list.

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