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Two part question:
1. When are you guys going to release an acoustic version of Old Wings because like reed said, a couple questions ago, it's amazing.
2. When will the new songs be on Spotify?

Trapdoor Social responded on 01/16/2015

Howdy there.

1. I am also a big fan of the Old Wings acoustic, but right now we're pretty focused on new material... there's not a plan to produce an acoustic version of Old Wings. You'll just have to have us over for a private acoustic performance. Where are you listening from?
2. Science of Love, our last EP, should already be up on Spotify. If you mean the new music we're working on now, probably not for a while. We just started recording this week... Hopefully by the end of the year. It kinda takes a while to get these things out the door.

Rock on!

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