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Now that the project for MRHS has closed how can I get a copy of the lyrics for FOMO?

Trapdoor Social responded on 12/25/2015

Hi Johanna, sorry for the massive delay. I think the lyrics are up online now... But just in case, here!

Life is running on low
But I know that I can make it if I
Climb up out of this hole
'Cuz no one's gonna save me this time
No god to strengthen my hold
This is my way to find
I'm fine on my own

I need this to hold me up
On Sundays I can't get enough
But I love all the structure and grooves we have worn
Honest like in my cups
Survival's my only love
And I won't have no world that could end when I'm gone
What keeps us out of sin when there's no fear of falling in
All these kids think they know how the earth came around
The lies I'd be confessing like a mind lost but a blessing
Everything we believed to this point has been wrong


Now school me 'cuz this party's starting
Clues keep on marching on
But I go where the wind blows and question no one
Who told you gods were watching
Truth over shocking talk
All alone on this road you've been walking along

(will continue...)

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