Trapdoor Social

Logan (Saint Louis University) and Ya'el (Kent State) are big fans of yours! They've seen you play several times (and were your "merchandise managers" in Chicago a year or so ago). I'm Logan's mom, and also enjoy your music (No Regrets is my favorite). Would love to see you play in the Detroit area! Or play University at Buffalo, where Morgan (Logan's sister) will be attending Fall 2019 (and playing volleyball)!

Trapdoor Social responded on 05/11/2018

Hey Logan's mom!! Logan and Ya'el are GREAT KIDS. I think they've gone the furthest actual distance to see us play of pretty much anyone I can think of. I'm glad you like No Regrets! That one seems to do well with moms, I must say. Not sure why. Haha!

We are going to be touring the US next spring, so this is a great time to get these ideas of places we should go. We don't know many people in Detroit, or Buffalo, but we are doing a bunch more college shows these days, so maybe I can get something booked at that university! Though I guess Morgan wouldn't quite be there yet...

Anyway, thank you for writing. It is great to hear from people! I hope you have a great day and I hope that we'll cross paths sometime soon.


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